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Financial services matter. We rely on them to store and safeguard our assets, to transact on a daily basis, to invest for the future, and to finance our dreams and aspirations. For the institutions who offer these products, doing so is a highly quantitative and technical discipline with many qualitative outcomes, deeply intertwined with every facet of society. Every financial instrument ultimately involves a person or business. Every financial result is the outcome of people taking real actions in the real world. Indeed, credit is the way that modern societies express confidence in the future, with people, businesses, and governments making commitments today based upon a vision of tomorrow that they intend to materialize. The coming wave in AI has the potential to revolutionize the already important interplay between humans and machines, affecting how people live and plan their lives and how businesses build and facilitate economic growth. With this comes many important conversations that go beyond technological advancement and delve into what it means to be human, what it means to have agency. 

This newsletter aims to be at the forefront of these advancements, the implications in financial services, and what it means for humanity. At what feels like the beginning of such a potentially dynamic era, it is easiest for some to consider risks, downsides, and the potential for what could be lost. However, the potential for positive change is even greater, and this newsletter will have a generally optimistic and tech-positive orientation. 

At first, this newsletter will chronicle the most interesting Fintech/AI news from the past week, along with some concise commentary. In the future, we may expand to essays, interviews, and other media formats (e.g. podcasts, video). It will be free for the foreseeable future - please consider subscribing. I’m excited to explore fintech, AI, and visions of our shared future together!

P.S. Any opinion I express in this newsletter is solely mine and does not represent that of my employer or any other party. Furthermore, our strategy is to integrate a wide range of content and perspectives, including those with whom I may not partially or fully agree. Reading and engaging with multiple perspectives makes us all stronger! Links do not equal endorsement.

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I’m David Snitkof, a fintech entrepreneur and technology/data leader who has worked at large companies like American Express and Citi, co-founded and sold a fintech startup called Orchard, and been a leader at later-stage fintech companies like Kabbage. I work at Ocrolus, an AI-driven document and data automation platform for lenders, where I now lead Growth after having built and scaled our business lines around credit and fraud analytics. As a programmer since the age of 8, I am drawn to new technologies and enjoy experimenting with what they can do. I’m a frequent writer and speaker on topics including fintech, credit, and the impact of technical advancements on our society and the human condition. I occasionally write longer essays on more diverse topics at ToOrderChaos and tweet from @davesnitty or post on LinkedIn.

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Husband, father, fintech/data entrepreneur & writer. Head of Growth @ Ocrolus, prev Co-fndr/CAO/CPO @ Orchard, Head of Analytics @ Kabbage ✡️ 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 🇺🇦